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Help More Students. Make a Difference Today.

Expand Inner Explorer's Reach as a Monthly Donor.


With your support, how many students can we help this year?

Some of us may not be worried about lions and tigers and bears; but are anxious about what is going to happen with back to school. Will it be in person, blended or remote?Whatever decision school districts make, affects everyone: teachers, administrators, parents, and caregivers.

Inner Explorer has been diligently working to help lessen the gravity of any of the above choices. Our program is now ready to improve stress resilience, emotional regulation and coping skills for teachers, students, and families no matter where learning takes place.

Inner Explorer’s daily mindfulness program is:

  • Available on any device (including web, mobile and Kindle)
  • Able to sync between in school and remote programs
  • Available in English and Spanish for Prek, Elementary, and Middle School series

We need your help to meet this moment. With your monthly support, our dedicated team is able to spend less time fundraising and more time connecting with the organizations that need our help. Every single tax deductible contribution will expand our impact. We look forward to sharing how your gift has made a difference each nonth.